February 27th, 2023  |   Comments Off on Rain

The wet weather continues.
I went out looking for photos out this afternoon when the rain eased up. 
Plenty of puddles and reflections!

Chess At the Beach

February 23rd, 2023  |   Comments Off on Chess At the Beach

Watching a game of chess at the Boardwalk was a first for me.

President’s Day at the Beach

February 21st, 2023  |   Comments Off on President’s Day at the Beach

Looked like snakes to me, San Lorenzo Rivermouth, Santa Cruz.
Looking in the opposite direction.

Sunday Walk

February 19th, 2023  |   Comments Off on Sunday Walk

Alice navigating the puddles at lowtide, Sunset State Beach.

Bicycle Scenes

February 17th, 2023  |   Comments Off on Bicycle Scenes

Wilder Ranch scene while on a morning ride.
Twin Lakes Beach after riding to lunch.


February 15th, 2023  |   Comments Off on Abstract

Sometimes random colors and texture can be eye catching. Fading paint on a wall, Oakland, CA.
Paint on asphalt, Santa Cruz Wharf
Spray paint on the side of a dumpster, Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz.

Yin Yang

February 13th, 2023  |   Comments Off on Yin Yang

Two contrasting scenes on a Sunday afternoon. A quiet moment alone.
Running and screaming with friends.

West Cliff Scene

February 11th, 2023  |   Comments Off on West Cliff Scene

Caught my eye while checking out the Westside surf scene.

Pyramid Lake Overlook

February 9th, 2023  |   Comments Off on Pyramid Lake Overlook

The starkness of the winter landscape caught my eye.

Grab Shot

February 6th, 2023  |   Comments Off on Grab Shot

Sunday scene at the wharf. Cookie Monster hustling tourists.