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Another scene from Saturday evening around the beach area.


July 21st, 2018  |   Comments Off on Run!

Racing the tide at Main Beach.

Skagen Sunset

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This is the place where Skagen locals go to watch the sunset. 

Four Houses

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Areas of Skagen can only be described as picturesque or quaint.

These photos were made a few miles outside of town in the area we stayed.

The houses around the downtown area were equally as colorful and of similar architecture.

It was fun to walk around when the light was nice and check out the colors, shapes and forms.

Sand Dunes & Wetlands

July 15th, 2018  |   Comments Off on Sand Dunes & Wetlands

Sixteen kilometers south of Skagen there’s an area of sand dunes and wetlands called the Råbjerg Mile. We spent a drizzly morning exploring the area.

The sand dunes stretched for miles. For scale, the dot at the top of the dunes is two people.

The size and the emptiness of the Råbjerg Mile was impressive.

Variation on a Theme

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Summer, pool and Olive! This photo was made with a trusty Holga and Lomo 100 color film.

Something New 2

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Here’s another summer scene made with the Polaroid OneStep2.


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This scene caught my eye as I wandered the streets of Skagen.

Something New

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I’ve been fooling around with a Polaroid OneStep2 camera. There’s a bit of a learning curve but I kind of like this one! Olive cooling off at The Farm.


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The northern most point in Denmark.