January 26th, 2019  |   Comments Off on Dark

I made this a couple of weeks ago between rainstorms.

The Arcade

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Always nice light this time of year!

Wharf Flowers

January 20th, 2019  |   Comments Off on Wharf Flowers

This was taken three days ago at the Capitola Wharf. In the back ground 
you’ll see waves and a surfer in an area that usually looks like a lake.
These were some of the biggest waves I’ve ever seen in Capitola.


January 18th, 2019  |   Comments Off on Enrique

Here’s another portrait from this past fall!

“Take My Picture”

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I normally wouldn’t make a portrait from this distance.
But, he insisted that I take his photo.
Looking at it now, I like the distance and the way he fits in the space between the
umbrellas. The light is nice too. Printed 16×20 it would work just fine.
Made on a warm afternoon this past fall.

New Year’s Resolution?

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Seen at the Hope Outdoor Gallery, Austin, Texas.

West Cliff Drive

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Fog, wind, waves, walkers, talkers, bikes, dogs, big trucks and a moment of quiet. West Cliff Drive, yesterday. 

ATX Color

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Door, Eastside, Austin.
Face, Eastside, Austin.
Food Truck, South Congress, Austin.

Harbor Jetty

January 7th, 2019  |   Comments Off on Harbor Jetty

This morning on the harbor jetty. Post-rain puddles and people stretching their legs after a rainy Sunday.

ATX Random #2

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Cooper emerging from Barton Springs. 80 degrees on December 22!
The iconic Austin Motel.
Danni Kim, Austin local, doing slack line in the park next to Lady Bird Lake.