Sand Patterns

A foggy Saturday morning at the beach.

Posted on June 26th, 2022


Caught my eye!

Posted on June 24th, 2022

Abandoned Masks 64, 64 & 66

City Mask, Filbert Street, San Francisco.
Sand, Kelp and Mask, Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz.
Buried Black Mask and Walker, Sunset State Beach, Watsonville.

Posted on June 22nd, 2022

Ferocious Dog!

Ernest with his new favorite toy!

Posted on June 20th, 2022

Street Art

I saw this on Clement Street in San Francisco.

Posted on June 15th, 2022

Another Day, Another Beach

Fog, lowtide and geometry, Sunset State Beach, Watsonville.

Posted on June 7th, 2022

Seabright Scene

The sky was amazing yesterday afternoon.
It was a great afternoon to be out and about!

Posted on June 5th, 2022

Just For Fun

Caught my eye! Paddle cactus art on Pacheco Avenue, Santa Cruz.

Posted on June 3rd, 2022

Abandoned Masks 61, 62 & 63

Mask in the wind, Manzanar, CA.
Mask left on a bench at the Goldwell Open Air Museum, Rhyolite, NV.
Mask in the gutter after rain, San Juan Ave., Santa Cruz, CA.
COVID cases are going up again. It’s a good idea to wear a mask in
indoor public spaces!

Posted on May 24th, 2022

Last Light

Yesterday evening on Clement Street, San Francisco. Light, shadow 
and the reflection caught my eye. I was  a little early with the shutter.
If I had waited a split second longer the hot spot behind the rider 
would have been covered and the bike shadow on the tile wall would
have been more prominent. It’s a fast moving world!

Posted on May 22nd, 2022

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