City Scene

Caught my eye this morning, Sutter St, San Francisco.

Posted on November 11th, 2023

City Scene

Sam, taking a break on a warm summer evening.

Posted on August 24th, 2023

Wedding Scene

Such a great day! 

Posted on March 26th, 2023

Road Tripper

Jane, after an 1100 mile California road trip, Alta Plaza, San Francisco.

Posted on March 24th, 2023

Wedding Prep

Olive doing makeup and Nemesia “The Reverend” working on her script.
Tie details with Stephan, Cooper, Alewine and Uwe.

Posted on March 22nd, 2023

Abandoned Mask #79, 80, 81

Mask and litter, San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA.
Mask and Diego Rivera painting, SFMOMA.
Mask on a window sill, Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA.

Posted on December 15th, 2022

Birthday in the City

A selection of very random photos celebrating Alice’s 66th birthday! SFMOMA in the rain.
Purple apartment in the Richmond.
Michael Jang’s street art on Clement Street.
Chrissy Field scene.
Sitting on the edge of San Francisco Bay. 

Posted on December 11th, 2022

Street Art

I saw this on Clement Street in San Francisco.

Posted on June 15th, 2022

Last Light

Yesterday evening on Clement Street, San Francisco. Light, shadow 
and the reflection caught my eye. I was  a little early with the shutter.
If I had waited a split second longer the hot spot behind the rider 
would have been covered and the bike shadow on the tile wall would
have been more prominent. It’s a fast moving world!

Posted on May 22nd, 2022

San Francisco Interlude

Yesterday afternoon at Sutro Baths, San Francisco.

Posted on April 22nd, 2022

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